Who is K-9 Doggie Dentals?

K-9 Doggie Dentals is a mother Tammy Ceroni and daughter Nicole Brackett owned company. That brings forth a very unique service. They clean dog’s teeth without the use of anesthesia or drugs, while being supervised by some of the most outstanding Veterinarians.

Dr. Mark Weaver DVM

A much loved and respected traditional veterinarian treating small animals in the Arizona Valley for 40+ years.
Nicole Brackett,

Nicole Brackett

Nicole Brackett has worked with her mom for the last 10 years. Her skills at cleaning teething and working with dogs is very similar to that of her mothers. She can often be found trading kisses with her clients. Her love of dogs shows through in her handling of them.
Tammy Ceroni, Owner

Tammy Ceroni


Tammy Ceroni has provided dog teeth cleaning without the use of drugs or anesthesia in the valley since 2001 as Canine Cares. With a deep connection and understanding of how dogs work, she has been labeled a dog whisperer by most people she meets. With over 20 years’ experience cleaning dog’s teeth; this is more than a job for her it’s her passion.